regain your confidence

We don’t like being asked about our penis. Things will go all wrong if we find out our package is small. Many of us tend to keep our size a secret mainly because of the belief that it’s small, or we don’t want to know the other person has a bigger asset.

Well, you don’t need to face such embarrassment if you’re using SizeGenetics from It’s a device designed just for you. Do you want the ladies to praise your skills in bed? Moreover, do you want to be a man which she’d crave for? Then you should give this device a try.

According to a study conducted among 92 patients, the results showed that the men tend to complain even when they are gifted with a normal size. This can be solved by a sexual education or using an extender can also be prescribed.

How to regain your confidence

Are you uncomfortable talking about your size? Don’t worry, the majority of the men face this same anxiety. Use SizeGenetics, this a proven method to increase your penis size by 1-3 inches. This device fits on to your penis and can be used without any discomforts for a more extended period.

You can even adjust the device to your comforts. However, when using it for the first time, make sure that you’re wearing it for only an hour. You’ll need to get used to it, and following the instructional DVD could help you adjust faster.

You’re not buying just an extender when you purchase this product. This can even be used for your penis curvature. Stretching breaks down your tissues and it heals any injuries when it regenerates. I have used this device personally, and I’d definitely encourage you to make this purchase. This really works.